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Seattle to San Francisco International

  • 5 airlines fly direct from Seattle to San Francisco International
  • There are 232 flights a week from Seattle to San Francisco International
  • The most popular airline flying from Seattle to San Francisco International last month was Alaska Airlines
  • £86 was the cheapest return price from Seattle to San Francisco International last month
  • Seattle to San Francisco International is 685 miles
  • The average flight time from Seattle to San Francisco International is 1h 57min

This information is correct as of February 2016

Airlines that fly from Seattle to San Francisco

Alaska Airlines, Delta Connection and United Airlines all fly from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to San Francisco.

Terminal Information – Departing

This is only a guideline. Always check your boarding pass for up-to-date terminal information.

Seattle Airport has one terminal building which is split into concourses. Alaska Airlines fly from concourses A, C, D and N. Delta Connection fly from A, B and S. United Airlines fly from concourse A. Each area has its own selection of shops and places to eat. Concourse A's selection includes a Starbucks, a Great American Bagel Bakery and a Seattle Taproom bar. The B gates also have a Starbucks as well as a McDonalds, a Quiznos and a Casa del Agave. In addition to Starbucks and a few international snack bars, the C gates have a Beecher's Handmade Cheese shop. The D gates don't have a Starbucks, but have a Seattle's Best Coffee house instead. They also have a small selection of eateries, as do the N Gates which also have a Seattle Seahawks 12 Club. The S Gates have a smaller selection, but it includes a seafood bar. The shops by the gates usually sell souvenirs, magazines and other last-minute essentials.

Terminal Information – Arriving

Flights from Seattle land in the domestic terminal. San Francisco Airport is well connected to the city centre by bus, train and taxi. Cabs are metered, but you can expect to pay about $40* (just under £29) for a trip into downtown.  The BART Rapid Rail station is in the international terminal, which you can reach using the AirTrain shuttle or buses KX, 292. 397 and 398. Car hire at San Francisco Airport is available from the Rental Car Center, which you can reach on buses 140, 292 and 397.

Practical Information

American citizens can use their driving license as identification on this route. Foreigners (including British citizens) will need to use their passport for security reasons. We recommend arriving at the airport no later than one hour before your flight is scheduled to depart.

What to expect in San Francisco

San Francisco has less rainfall than Seattle, with very little rain between April and November. Temperatures in San Francisco are fairly standard all year round, ranging from an average low of 10°C in January to 14°C in July. This means the city is warmer than Seattle during the winter, but cooler during the summer. Prices in San Francisco are higher. Expect to pay around $15* (just under £11) more for dinner for two, and about $1* (about 70p) more for a beer. Taxi rates are a bit more expensive in San Francisco, too.

*Prices subject to change


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