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Golfing holiday company has already had huge success as a Skyscanner Affiliate

Golfing holiday company has already had huge success as a Skyscanner Affiliate, with a 50% conversion rate in February with the Skyscanner Flight Search and Maps panels. The company organises golfing holidays and tournament packages all over the world and now, with the addition of Skyscanner, customers can now book their flights through the YourGolfTravel site.

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Managing director Andrew Harding said: “We’ve been delighted with the success of the Skyscanner integrations. Our customers all have travel requirements and this is making it very easy for them to make all their plans on our site.

“Value is a hugely important factor in booking any holiday, so presenting customers with the cheapest flights to our destinations makes it even easier for them to make a purchase decision about their golfing break. Repeat visitor numbers are high, clickthrough rates are up, and we’re earning revenue from flight search at the same time, so it’s working very well indeed for us!” has preconfigured the Maps creative to show the best airports for the most popular golfing holidays, making it easy for customers to see the alternative options for departure and destination airports. The Flight Search panel lets them add more options like travel dates and numbers of people travelling, with scrolling flight prices automatically changing as they add departure or destination information.