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UK reluctant to book flights using mobile phones

UK reluctant to book flights using mobile phones

Airline passengers in the UK will continue booking flights online until mobile phone customer service levels improve, says a leading travel expert.

According to, delegates at the World Travel Market were told by Gerry Samuels, founder and executive director at Mobile Travel Technologies, that UK travellers saw their mobiles primarily as a search device when organising their trip abroad.

"If you look at Japan, which is accepted as being a few years ahead of us, in 2006 it reached a tipping point where there are more people accessing the internet through mobiles than PCs," he told the delegation.

Mr Samuels added that Japanese people "are out and about making travel bookings" because they have readily-available 3G networks, and that things will only change in the UK once service levels improve.

Wikitude, a revolutionary piece of mobile phone software, is set to turn the nation’s mobiles into guidebooks. It works by taking a picture of a building in front of you on your phone – once it has been taken, your phone will tell you what building you are looking at.

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