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Skyscanner role model for European travel search say Etrip

Skyscanner has been lauded as a role model for European travel search

In a recent article “What’s going on with European travel mediators?” posted on Etrip’s Travel Blog, Skyscanner has been lauded as a role model for European travel search.

Of course, here at Skyscanner HQ, this is something we already knew, but it’s nice to see it being reported and backed up with the relevant data all the same (thanks Etrip).

The Etrip article states:

“Skyscanner is more popular than Kayak in every European market, and it’s quite widely spread across the continent, in a way no other travel brand besides Expedia has managed to do, and with perhaps a percent of the financial investment.”

The interesting, and indeed most insightful part of this comment is the reference to Skyscanner’s huge popularity, achieved with minimal financial investment. Skyscanner has grown massively, almost entirely without marketing; it’s purely on the strength of the Skyscanner product, and the resulting word of mouth buzz, that Skyscanner has become Europe’s leading flight search engine.

The article concludes:

“Skyscanner is the role model for those who wish to enter the European travel search scene. We believe it is successful for simply doing three things:

1. It offers a service that connects consumers directly with the airlines’ websites.
2. Presenting a fast response and simple user interface.
3. Absolutely not relying on online travel agencies in the search results.”

As Europe’s leading Flight Search Engine, Skyscanner is constantly being praised in the global press. From The Independent to FHM, The Washington Post to USA Today, The Guardian to The San Francisco Chronicle – Skyscanner is continually recognised as a highly useful tool for finding the cheapest flights available.

Here is a short selection of what the World’s press is saying about Skyscanner:

“Flexible, fair and fearsomely indispensable” – The Guardian, Sites that Changed Our World

“An excellent place to start when you need to find out quickly which airline flies where, and when to get an overview of current fare levels” – The Independent, 50 Best Travel Sites

“, found the best prices – beating much bigger operators such as Expedia and Travelocity.” – The Guardian, Get Online to a flying Start

“If you’re really looking for the lowest airfares–and have flexibility about travel dates–the Skyscanner system is by far the most useful.” – USA Today, _Finding Cheap Flights in Europe _

“Skyscanner searches hundreds of budget, scheduled and charter airlines for the best deals and times to travel on any route. The design is basic, but the search is fast and the month-wide date search will generate a graph showing when flights are cheapest – handy if your departure dates are flexible.” – TimesOnline, _Top 100 Travel Websites_

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