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Skyscanner launches WhoFlies Widget

Europe’s most popular flight search engine, today launches the WhoFlies widget

Skyscanner (, Europe’s most popular flight search engine, today launches the WhoFlies widget, the second in a series of ‘Skytools’ – a suite of free widgets/APIs/integrations, that allows third party websites to display Skyscanner’s flight information on their own sites.

Following on from the recent release of the Cheap Flights Map widget, the WhoFlies widget can be easily embedded onto third party sites and shows visitors which airlines fly from their nearest airport to their chosen destination. Users can then click on a button to view the cheapest flights for the route on the Skyscanner website.

Jules Pancholi, Skyscanner Director, commented on the new widget:

“Skyscanner’s Cheap Flights Map widget (which was released at the start of October) has been very well received by travel websites and we expect the WhoFlies widget to be even more popular, as it offers webmasters a quick and simple method of showing their visitors the best ways to fly to their destination – which is a very useful tool for both the user and any company that relies on people travelling to them.”

The WhoFlies widget can be added to any website, but will be particularly valuable to businesses that rely on their customers travelling to or from them, such as hotels, tourist attractions, city guides, airports, ski resorts or foreign property rental sites.

Available in industry standard sizes, the WhoFlies widget is fully configurable, allowing webmasters to display a fixed departure point, fixed destination point or a fixed departure and destination. Webmasters can also select to display results in their preferred language from a choice of 20, including: Spanish, German, French, Russian and Korean. The unit dynamically updates when new airlines are added to a route.

Click here to install the WhoFlies widget.