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Regulator approves mobile phone use on aircraft

Regulator approves mobile phone use on aircraft

Communications regulator Ofcom has approved the use of mobile phones on aircraft.

The regulator has agreed to licence the equipment necessary for airlines to provide the facilities on their routes.

Subject to further approval by EU regulators and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), passengers could be capable of making in-flight calls within months.

However, Ofcom also warned consumers that travellers could face paying high prices for the privilege of the on-board service, which it expects will be higher than standard mobile calls.

"Ofcom will be talking to all concerned parties to understand what steps can be taken to ensure consumers understand the costs of making calls from on board an aircraft," the regulator said in a statement.

Although mobile phones may not be the only technology set to go airborne, reports Computerworld.

American Airlines announced recently that it will be testing Wi-Fi on 15 of its jets over the coming weeks.

The airline joins Southwest Airlines, Virgin America and Jet Blue, who all have similar plans.

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