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Nats welcomes new CAA guidelines

Aircraft will now be permitted to fly through airspace containing 'medium density' ash

Aircraft will now be permitted to fly through airspace containing ‘medium density’ ash under new guidelines from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The organisation has introduced a Time Limited Zone, which will allow aircraft to fly for relatively short periods through areas of sky that were previously deemed unsafe.

This has been welcomed by air navigation services provider Nats, whose chief executive officer Richard Deakin expressed relief at the decision.

"Nats has been at the heart of this ground-breaking proposal and our people have worked very closely with the Irish Aviation Authority, CAA and the rest of the industry to make it happen," he commented.

"There is mounting evidence that aircraft can fly safely through areas of medium density ash, provided some additional precautions are taken. This is now what has been agreed."

Mr Deakin also explained that every aviation organisation had worked together over the past month to compile data on the affects of volcanic ash on aircraft.

Services at British airports began operating normally yesterday (May 17th) after the latest period of disruption caused by ash from the southern Icelandic volcano.

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