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India’s hotels receive new classification guidelines

India's hotels receive new classification guidelines

Brits travelling on flights to India will be afforded greater confidence in the country’s hotels thanks to the introduction of new guidelines.

Kumari Selja, India’s minister of tourism, announced last week that new guidelines for classification had been approved by the country’s government.

Ms Selja explained that the guidelines will encourage India’s hospitality sector to achieve the highest international standards.

Raj Kumar Sunami, India Tourism London’s assistant director, said the guidelines will give a "clear idea" about the different facilities and amenities that India’s hotels offer.

"Moreover, the classification committee physically verifies the services and facilities provided in the property and after fulfilling all criteria only, the star gradation will be awarded," he explained.

"So the guidelines definitely will give visitors greater confidence."

Mr Sunami went on to say that increasing numbers of tourists are travelling on flights to India, while he referred to the nation’s domestic tourism market as "booming".

Figures from STR Global recently revealed that India is one of the leading nations in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of the scale of hotel room construction.