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Find your ideal hotel with Skyscanner’s Hotels App

Find your ideal hotel with the Skyscanner Hotels App – we show you how with our handy video guide.

Are you looking for the cheapest hotel in your dream destination? Want to make sure your accommodation is close to all the important hot spots in the city? Get inspired with our interactive and highly visual Skyscanner Hotels App. We compare the prices of hundreds and thousands of hotels (and hostels) on all the leading websites to help you get the cheapest price and find your ideal place to stay.

Click here to download the Skyscanner Hotels App for iPhone or Android.

We show you step by step how you’ll find the perfect hotel for your stay with the Skyscanner Hotels App – simply watch our tutorial video and/or read through our guide below:

Step by step Tutorial

Step 1: Enter your dream destination

Enter your dream destination or if you already know your ideal hotel, you can enter it right away. You can also enter a specific street or point of interest (e.g. the Eiffel Tower). Then choose your preferred dates, the amount of guests you’d like to book for and how many rooms you’ll need.


Step 2: Customize your search & flip through images

Voilà, you’ll see all the available hotels in your chosen destination. Now you can scroll through all the different hotels and if one catches your eye, you can flip through the rich, hi-res images right away, without having to leave the search result page.

Sort your search results according to your personal preferences by using all kinds of filters. You can choose the ideal price range, filter them according to the star rating or only show your favourites. You can also sort them according to popularity, price, distance to the city centre as well as guest ratings.


Step 3: Find hotels close to your important places of interest

If you are going on a sightseeing trip or want to find the closest hotel to the airport, switch to the map view on top of the screen and you’ll see the locations and the prices of all the hotels in your chosen destination. At the same time you can choose all the important places of interest for your trip to potentially find a hotel close by.


Step 4: Create a list of favoured hotels

Found a great hotel, but you still want to keep looking? Simply click on the heart at the top of the hotel image and it will be saved in your favourites. (By the way, you can still flip through the images without having to leave the map view).
If you want to go to your favourites, simply click on the list icon on the top left of the screen or filter your search results to only show your favourite hotels.

Once you are happy with your selection of hotels in your list of favourites, you can compare them and have a closer look at each and every accommodation.


Step 5: Take a closer look at your ideal hotel

If you click on a hotel you can once again flip through images (you can also start a gallery by clicking on an image to see them in a full screen mode), you’ll also find additional info about all the amenities, you can have a look at the map to see if your hotel is in your desired location and you can read some reviews and you’ll see the prices from all the different providers.


Step 6: Choose your preferred deal

Next to every provider you’ll also find additional info about the booking, so any special conditions that may apply such as a fully-refundable or non-refundable price or the cancellation policy of the provider will be here.

Once you have chosen your ideal hotel, you’ll be transferred automatically to their website, where you can proceed with the booking. Click through from our Skyscanner app to make sure you get the deal you found. There are no extra or hidden fees for using Skyscanner – our service is completely free!

More tips and tricks:

  • Share your favourite hotels with your travel companions by email, text or social media. You can also copy the URL to share it!
  • You can also open multiple searches at the same time – compare several destinations to see where it’s cheaper to stay!
  • You can either see the price per night or the total price for your stay – we make the calculation for you!
  • If you search for a city, the results will show you how far away the hotel is from the city centre, if you search for a certain point of interest, we’ll show you the distance to that specific place.
  • In the tab “location” you‘ll have a command to open the position of your desired hotel in Google Maps or Apple Maps and add it to your favourites on Your Maps. In the same tab you can also switch on or off the view of hotels close by.

Ready to get inspired? Click here to download the Skyscanner Hotels App for iPhone or Android.

We hope you’ll have fun planning your trip with the Skyscanner Hotels App! Have a great trip and a pleasant stay!