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EU legislation for disabled air passengers

EU legislation for disabled air passengers

A new EU directive has been introduced to ensure greater help for disabled passengers at all European airports.

From July 26th, airports must provide appropriate help for disabled passengers from arrival through to check-in and boarding.

Under the new Equality and Human Rights Commission guidelines, airports will also have to provide facilities for disabled passengers to disembark planes after landing.

A "right to assistance" will also be granted to passengers with broken legs or reduced mobility due to factors other than disability.

Transport minister Rosie Winterton said: "This is a major step in ensuring that disabled people and those with reduced mobility have the same access to the standards and services that everyone expects when they fly.

"We expect all airlines and airports to maintain these high standards and for strong action to be taken against anyone repeatedly breaking the regulations across Europe."

Ms Winterton announced the new measures in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which will be responsible for enforcing the regulations.

This is the second phase of the Commission’s plans to increase accessibility for disabled passengers and follows the introduction of legislation earlier this year which made it illegal for airlines, agents and tour operators to refuse a reservation or deny boarding based on the grounds of disability or reduced mobility.