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Environment “top priority” for IATA

Environment "top priority" for IATA

The environment remains the "top priority" for the aviation industry, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Rising fuel prices have seen a number of airlines and tour operators cutting back on flights in recent months as the financial crisis worsens.

Several companies have even gone into liquidation, including the collapse of Britain’s third-largest tour operator XL Leisure Group.

However, according to the IATA, environmental concerns remain top of the agenda despite the current crisis.

Giovanni Bisignani, director general and chief executive at the association, said: "Environment remains a top priority, even in the middle of the current crisis hitting the air transport industry.

"Interests are aligned. Saving fuel improves environmental performance. And, in this crisis, every drop of fuel saved helps the bottom line."

This announcement follows the publication of the IATA traffic figures for August, which showed that overall passenger load had reduced by 1.8 percent.

Commenting at the time, Mr Bisignani suggested that slowing demand and the oil crisis has made the year "very difficult" for the aviation industry.

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