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DfT publishes Heathrow expansion consultation

DfT publishes Heathrow expansion consultation

An impact assessment consultation on the expansion of Heathrow Airport has been launched by the Department of Transport (DfT).

The Equalities Impact Assessment will consider the affect any proposed expansion would have on the different groups that live near the airport.

Aviation minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: "While Heathrow is vital to the UK’s economy, we have always made clear that expansion will only go ahead if strict local environmental conditions on air quality and noise can be met.

"It will look specifically at whether there are groups of individuals who would feel the effects of development more keenly, either positively or negatively, as a result of their particular sensitivity to the impacts."

A new report from the Sustainability Commission concluded recently that no decisions should be taken by the government concerning the expansion until all the evidence has been reconsidered.

It suggested that the context of many arguments had changed.

An estimated 70,000 individuals and organisations responded to the initial Adding Capacity at Heathrow Airport consultation. The closing date for this latest stage of the process will be on November 9th.

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