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Credit crunch ‘fails to hit holidays’

Credit crunch 'fails to hit holidays'

The credit crunch has had a limited impact on the number of people taking budget holidays, an industry expert has claimed.

On the contrary, cheap flights and other budget holiday concessions may have become more popular as people cut back on their spending.

According to David Else, author at Lonely Planet, longer breaks such as gap year travel are becoming more popular among professionals and older adults.

He said: "The actual number of people travelling the world or taking a holiday has not been impacted much by the credit crunch."

Britons are apparently so keen on holidaying abroad that nine in ten would like an extra bank holiday, a survey by employment firm Peninsula revealed, and 79 per cent claimed that they would like any extra bank holiday to fall in October.

However, more than two thirds (67 percent) are concerned that Christmas Day may not be a public holiday in the future.

Skyscanner has seen a 35% growth in traffic since last year, which has in part been attributed to people being more careful about their spending.

Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder and Chief of Business Development commented on the rise in popularity of the flight search engine site:

“Skyscanner is seeing a definite increase in the number of people searching for flights, even though the aviation and travel industry as a whole are facing difficult trading conditions. All the evidence we have shows that people are still flying but due to the financial pinch, it seems both individuals and businesses are being more careful with their spending, so are using Skyscanner to ensure that they always find the cheapest air fares for their journey.”

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