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Brussels Airlines to Carry World War II Enigma Machine

Brussels Airlines to Carry World War II Enigma Machine

On Sunday 15th November, Brussels Airlines will be carrying a very important passenger from Birmingham to Brussels – a World War II Enigma Machine.

Brussels Airlines has made special provisions to ensure the safe carriage of the machine, one of less than 200 remaining in the world.

Weighing just under the Brussels Airlines ‘b.flex economy+’ hand-baggage allowance of 12 kilos, the machine will be secured safely in the passenger cabin on the short flight, under the watchful eye of its guardian, Dr Mark Baldwin who is giving a presentation on the Enigma machine and its role in WWII for the BSC in Brussels.

This portable encryption device was widely used by the Axis powers, whose ciphers they believed to be totally secure. Nevertheless, by mathematical analysis (and a certain amount of good luck), the Allies devised techniques for ‘breaking’ Enigma ciphers, and thus read several million German messages, providing a wealth of reliable Intelligence.

Dr Mark Baldwin is one of Britain’s most experienced speakers on the Enigma machine and the work of the WW2 Bletchley Park codebreakers. He will be addressing the conference in Brussels where the audience will be offered the chance to operate an original 4-rotor Enigma.

Mark West, Brussels Airlines Country Manager UK:

"Brussels Airlines is delighted that Dr Baldwin and an Enigma Machine will be travelling with us to Brussels. We carry many important passengers onboard our flights across the world – however seldom do we have a passenger who has quite literally changed the course of history!"

Dr Baldwin added:

"I have carried the Enigma by air on numerous occasions, and at one time was quite well known by the security staff at Birmingham Airport. However, although many airlines have been very co-operative, none has been as enthusiastic as Brussels Airlines."

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