press-releases Booking last minute ‘just as good’ as advance planning

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Booking last minute ‘just as good’ as advance planning

Booking last minute 'just as good' as advance planning

More than half of families booking flights abroad for their summer holiday have found that last-minute booking is just as good as booking in advance.

This is according to a poll by Tesco Travel Money, which revealed that two-fifths of British families are yet to book their summer holiday.

A third of these look likely to be opting for cheap flights after saying that their holiday plans depended on personal finances.

Almost half (47 percent) of those intending to book at the last minute are doing so in the hope of securing a better deal.

A spokesperson from Tesco Travel Money said that booking in advance was "not a possibility" for many holidaymakers this year owing to the economic downturn.

"Many people are waiting to see if their finances can stretch to a break this year and families are even going to the extremes of taking their children out of school so they can afford the holiday they need," the spokesperson said.

"This coupled with the perceived threat of swine flu, taking last minute holidays is set to be a big trend this summer."

A separate poll from Tesco Travel Money recently revealed that one-third of holidaymakers were opting for self-catering as a way to save money.