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9pm Sunday night is peak holiday planning time….

…But we’d rather book in the office during our Monday lunch break.

The Monday blues clearly arrive early for many, as 9pm on a Sunday evening as it is the busiest time of the week for flight searches to get away from it all according to Skyscanner.

Leading flight search site Skyscanner sees a regular spike in searches on its app at the end of each weekend from travellers trawling their mobile for inspiration for that next trip away. The ‘everywhere’ option is the most popular search at this time, suggesting that users are looking for ideas for their next holiday.

However, the peak time for flight bookings is lunchtime between 12pm and 2pm on a Monday, on a desktop computer, suggesting that workers are busy booking their escape at their desk over their lunchtime sandwich.

The majority of travellers use their mobile devices to research their travel plans, and share ideas with friends, before completing their bookings on a desktop computer, with 36% of Skyscanner’s overall sessions in the UK coming via mobile, a figure that’s growing rapidly.

Leading the way in mobile use, Australia and Singapore are the only two countries which are more likely to plan their travel on a mobile device than at their desktop, while savvy travellers from technology hubs such as Taiwan, Japan and South Korea are the most comfortable in booking their flights on their phones; unlike Europeans who prefer to use the desktop to book flights, using their mobiles for travel inspiration and sharing ideas with friends.

Smartphones and tablets were one of the most popular Christmas gifts this year and Skyscanner’s data suggests that there’s also a significant difference amongst mobile users in how and when they book their travel. Android users are most likely to use their phone for inspirational travel ideas, with the ‘Everywhere’ search feature, proving by far the most popular. However, Windows Phone users appear to be the most decisive travellers, knowing where they are heading and using their mobiles to complete their travel plans.

Skyscanner’s Victoria Bailie comments: “It is interesting to see that globally, there is a very clear trend for people to search for flight inspiration on a Sunday evening, perhaps while settling down to an evening’s TV or planning ahead for the working week and looking for the next chance to get away to the sun. Yet at the same time, there is a clear trend to book flights during the workday lunch break.

“We also found some really interesting differences in the way in which travellers from particular countries and even owners of different mobile devices plan and book their travel. While it’s the countries who are more used to paying for big ticket items on their phones that are most likely to book online, with super -fast 4G due to become more widely available in UK next year, this should further increase the rate at which people plan and book their travel on the go.”

Skyscanner’s highly rated flight search app has received over 12 million downloads worldwide and is downloaded every five seconds as travellers increasingly look for inspiration and plan their trip on the move. The free app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and devices running Windows 8.