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Give the gift of flight

Xmas Present Experiences: give the gift of flight

Christmas is approaching fast and time is running out to buy those gifts. We all know people who are notoriously hard to shop for, those who already have everything – so how about taking a different approach – why not give your loved ones a ticket to ride this Christmas?

Skyscanner suggests gift destination ideas for each member of the family that will guarantee a genuine smile upon unwrapping.

You’ll be surprised how far away you can send your family members on a budget too – with cheap flights to European cities in 2009 starting from under a tenner – there’s a flight to suit all budgets. Plus there’s no worries about your present not turning up in time either – just a few clicks and the job’s done.


give the gift of flight this Christmas

Mum & Dad
The parents will appreciate somewhere that is clean, cultured and cosmopolitan. Throw in an air of romance to remind them why they got married in the first place.

Best Bargain
Oslo (Norway) – located on a beautiful fjord and surrounded by forested ridges, it’s hard to believe you’re in a capital city at all. Find cheap flights to Oslo from £2 return, including taxes.

Around £50
Vienna (Austria) – a city of waltzes and whipped cream, Vienna is enchanting, romantic and traditional yet modern and forward thinking at the same time. Find cheap flights to Vienna from £50 return, including taxes.

Bern (Switzerland) – surrounded by the snow covered peaks of the Swiss Alps and listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site, this is one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals. Find cheap flights to Bern from £100 return including taxes.

Fun filled, activity packed party places will be winners with the younger members of the family. Just don’t ask for details on what they got up to when they get back.

Best Bargain
Barcelona (Spain) – labelled as Europe’s coolest city, with a healthy population of artistic and fashionable inhabitants, it’s not hard to see why. Find cheap flights to Barcelona from £31 return, including taxes.

Around £50
Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Europe’s capital of pleasure, there’s plenty to keep youngsters busy here. Find cheap flights to Amsterdam from £50 return, including taxes.

Innsbruck (Austria) – the capital of the Tyrol province and Austria’s 5th largest city, Innsbruck is a great mix of outdoor opportunity and lively nightlife. Find cheap flights to Innsbruck from £55 return, including taxes.

Granny & Granddad
It’s been reported that the older generation now outnumber the youngsters when it comes to the amount of overseas travel they do, so grandpops and grandma are bound to appreciate these warm, relaxing and hassle free destinations.

Best Bargain
Malta – the tiny nation is an island of historic churches, temples, palaces and forts, blessed by Mediterranean sun and sand. Find cheap flights to Malta from £36 return, including taxes.

Around £50
Tenerife (Spain) – situated off the coast of Africa as part of the Canary Islands, Tenerife’s attractive scenery blends with a relaxed lifestyle and great cuisine. Find cheap flights to Tenerife from £60 return including taxes.

Avignon (France) – a beautiful walled city full of ancient history, you’ll find cosy cafes, excellent restaurants and car free shopping. Find cheap flights to Avignon from £70 return, including taxes.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend /Husband/Wife
It’s got to be about the romance here. Places like Paris are always going to top the popularity charts, but why not take your lover somewhere a little more unusual and exotic?

Best Bargain
Stockholm (Sweden) – deemed the ‘Venice of the North’, take to the water and explore the city’s 14 islands with a romantic boat tour. Find cheap flights to Stockholm from £2 return, including taxes.

Around £50
Ljubljana (Slovenia) – a highly underrated city, this compact capital is divided by the green Ljubljanica River and overlooked by a medieval castle. Find cheap flights to Ljubljana from £46 return, including taxes.

Around £100
Luxembourg (Luxembourg) – A pretty little city, you’ll find art exhibitions, good wine and haute cuisine along cobbled streets, mixed in with modern architecture and an efficient transport system. Find cheap flights to Luxembourg from £108 return including taxes.

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