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The world’s top five record breaking foods

The world’s top five record breaking foods

January is traditionally a time when many people decide to start a diet, watching their portions and cutting down on extravagant, unnecessary food.

However, a record breaking giant ice cream made in Italy last week has shown that not everyone is as keen to watch their portion size!

Flight comparison site takes a look at some of the finest culinary world record attempts around the world.

Ice Cream, Italy

Just one Cornetto? A team of seven enthusiastic chefs in Rimini, Italy had other ideas last Sunday as they prepared the world’s largest cornet made of 160lbs of chocolate and 2,000 wafers. The chefs overcame freezing working conditions, necessary to keep the cornet from thawing out, to complete the massive creation. Ice cream fans can travel to Italy to see if there’s any left, but given the Italians famous love for gelato that may be unlikely. Find flights to Italy

Chocolate Bar, Armenia

Belying it’s relatively small population, Armenia smashed the world record for the world’s biggest chocolate bar in September 2010 (see video below). The Grand Candy Company in the city of Yerevan unveiled a monster six-metre long bar weighing in at a staggering 4,400kg. Studies have shown it would take the average Armenian, who consumes around 40kg of chocolate per year, 107 years to polish off the whole bar. Find flights to Armenia

Birthday Cake, Las Vegas

Extravagance is one of the main reasons that millions of people grab flights to Las Vegas each year, and “Sin City” didn’t let us down in back in 2005 when they unveiled the world’s biggest birthday cake. One thousand volunteers helped in the creation of a mammoth 130,000lb birthday cake made from 30,000 half-sheet cakes and almost 40,000 pounds of frosting. Find flights to Las Vegas

Pizza, Poland

One of the world’s most keenly contested food world records, the current holders of the world record for the biggest pizza are based in Krakow, Poland. They stole the prize in August 2010 from the previous holders in Tuscany, Italy. After 18 hours, 3.5 tonnes of flour and strict adherence to the criteria set by judges, an enormous 1km long pizza emerged to the delight of the hungry onlooking crowd. Find flights to Poland

Sandwich, India

Definitely not something that’s going to fit in the average packed lunch box, the world’s largest sandwich was proudly presented by students at the Ryan International School in Ludhiana, Punjab. Funded by local businesses, the colossal snack weighed in at a staggering 4,100kg and contained 1,400kg of vegetables and 20kg of fresh cream. The sandwich was later shared by students, parents and locals from more deprived areas of India. Find flights to India