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World’s most optimistic destinations

World’s most optimistic destinations

Shake off those January blues by visiting one of the world’s most optimistic destinations

With bad weather and a financial hangover from Christmas still taking its toll, it may be no surprise to many Brits that there is actually a name for the most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday.

According to experts, it falls on 24 January this year although some believe it is on 17 January. Scientists have found that various factors including weather, time since failing New Year’s resolutions and low motivational levels combine to make this the lowest day of the year.

So in contrast to all this doom and gloom, flights comparison site Skyscanner brings you one step closer to the sunshine by looking at the top 5 places to boost optimism.


A recent study conducted in 53 countries by the BVA polling organisation showed that Vietnamese are most optimistic people in the world.

With beautiful beaches and very affordable food and drink, visitors to this magnificent country are bound to find themselves on a high too. Find flights to Vietnam


In a bid to address rising suicide rates in the country, a number of savvy hairdresser’s in the city of Toyama have tapped into a new market – clinical psychology. Holidaymakers who fancy the idea of a pep talk whilst they get a mop chop should look into a visit to Japan, where 650 hairdressers have signed up to the incentive. Find flights to Japan


Everybody likes to be flattered every once in a while, and now a company in Montreal has developed a novel way of showering your loved one or colleague with compliments. For a fee, those who feel they know someone in need of some sweet talk can arrange for a ‘Flatter Me Phone Call’ from a member of a specially trained team. Find flights to Canada

Costa Del Sol

Spain’s Costa Del Sol is blessed with over 300 days on sunshine each year making it an ideal choice for sun, particularly during the dark month of January at home. And with sunshine known to reduce stress and release endorphins, it’s no wonder that thousands travel on flights to Malaga every January to soak up the winter sun and put a smile on their face. Find flights to Spain


The United Nations Human Development Index for 2010 showed that Norway had the highest standard of living based on a number of factors including life expectancy and access to knowledge. Coupled with its spectacular fjords, waterfalls and mountains, it’s easy to see why Norwegians are among the world’s happiest nations. Find flights to Norway