News World Cup Football 2010 Draw: holidays in group C countries – who are the champions?

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World Cup Football 2010 Draw: holidays in group C countries – who are the champions?

When it comes to travel, who would win in a World Cup Holiday tournament?

World Cup fever is mounting as football fans find out who their teams are up against. But when it comes to travel, who would win in a World Cup Holiday tournament?

Skyscanner takes a look at the line up to see who are the champions when it comes to holidaying in England, Slovenia, Algeria and the USA.

weather.JPGWeather & Climate

England – England’s temperate climate keeps its relatively mild and wet, with no great seasonal variations. Winters normally see small amounts of snow, whilst summers tend to be changeable, with plenty of wet and overcast weather mixed in with limited amounts of sun.

USA – the sheer size of the USA means that there is a range of climate zones. From snow covered mountains to sub-tropical everglades, the USA has a vast selection of climates meaning that you should be able to get the weather you want by choosing the right place and time.

Algeria – the north of Algeria enjoys a Mediterranean climate similar to that found in Morocco, Tunisia and southern Spain – meaning it’s got plenty of beach potential. Perhaps more surprising to most are Algeria’s mountains, which offer trekking and even skiing in winter.

Slovenia – summer in Slovenia is generally warm and sunny, whereas winter brings plenty of snow to the Julian Alps, keeping the ski resorts nicely topped up. Overall the climate is conducive for outdoor life, hence the active nature of Slovenes.


England – though English cuisine has long been mocked by certain neighbours of ours, England has several signature dishes including various roasts (beef, lamb, chicken), the famed fish and chips plus all manner of pies.

USA – known best abroad for its fast food, the US may seem unappetising to the foodie at first glance, but the US’s size and cultural mix means it offers a vast spread of cuisine. Various waves of immigration have brought cooking styles from all corners of the world, from sushi to steak, Peruvian to Portuguese, Tex Mex to Thai.

Algeria – food here is a Mediterranean mix with a Berber Northwest African twist. Expect lots of exotic spices, couscous, Mechoui (whole roasted lamb), olives, spicy kebabs, fresh fruits and plenty of mint tea.

Slovenia – borrowing heavily from its Austrian, Italian, Hungarian and Croatian neighbours – Slovenia serves up plenty of pizza, pasta, seafood, goulash and dumplings. Horse can often been found on the menu, and dormouse is a regional speciality.

Value for Money

England – England, and indeed the rest of the UK, isn’t known for being cheap, although the recent rise of the Euro has mean that the UK is now a much better value option than it has been for years (for those spending Euros at least!).

USA – with the US dollar taking another dip, pounds will now stretch further stateside. New York was the most searched for New Year destination on Skyscanner, suggesting many Brits will be heading there to see in 2010.

Algeria – this large North African country is little known to foreign visitors, but the underdeveloped tourist industry means that the country offers very good value, with hotels, food and activities costing much less than in its group C rivals.

Slovenia – since Slovenia ditched its Tolar and joined the Euro, it’s not as cheap as it was. However, it still offers good value to the visitor with hotel, food and drink prices lower than those in Western Europe.

The Result?

England – don’t come to England for the weather, but if you’re after a land of immense history, cosy pubs, some beautiful countryside and buzzing cities, then England scores well. For those in the Eurozone, the UK is cheaper than it has been for years. Find cheap flights to England

USA – massive geographical diversity means that most types of holiday are possible here, from beach bum to ski chic, city breaker to culture vulture. The weakening dollar means the US scores extra points right now for value. Find cheap flights to the USA

Slovenia – good value for money, compact and an exceptionally attractive country, Slovenia is perfect for nature lovers and outdoorsy types, with good skiing, hiking, biking and kayaking in pristine terrain. Find cheap flights to Slovenia

Algeria – the underdog of the group, Algeria is little known by Brits as a tourist destination, yet the Mediterranean climate, great value for money and large number of national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, could mean that Algeria does have tourism potential. However, safety can be a concern with certain areas no-go zones to Westerners, so be sure to check the latest FCO travel advice before venturing there. Find cheap flights to Algeria

The football match dates and venues

England VS USA
June 12 – 20.30 (local time)
Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg

England VS Algeria

June 18 – 20.30
Cape Town Stadium in Cape Town

England VS Slovenia
June 23 – 16.00
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth

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