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Woman gropes back after invasive security search

Woman gropes back after invasive security search

A woman from Colorado has been accused of squeezing and twisting a female security staff member’s breast ‘with both hands’, at Sky Harbour International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

61 year old Yukari Miyamae was said to ‘grope back’ the security officer after she became annoyed during a pat down search.

Despite spending one night in jail she was released from custody and all charges against her have now been dropped. However, she has become an internet heroine and has received wide praise from human rights groups who say that airline security searches are an invasion of personal privacy. Various Facebook pages were set up in support of Miyamae immediately after the story broke and she has widely received messages of solidarity.

The incident is reminiscent of the ‘don’t touch my junk’ campaign last year when American travellers, angered at levels of security, protested at airports on Thanksgiving Day at what they deemed unnecessarily intrusive security screenings.

What do you think? Was Miyamae right to ‘grope back’ or are invasive searches all part of flying and should she have just let the TSA agent do her job?

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