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Winners of Pets Welcome! guidebooks announced

Winners of Pets Welcome! guidebooks announced

Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway for the Pets Welcome! guidebook. We had lots of great responses from all you pet-loving people, and it was hard to choose just three winners.

However, here are the lucky ones who will each receive a copy of Pets Welcome!:

Samantha Leonard, Bristol

We love to take our dog Suki (pictured) with us wherever we go if possible. We hate to leave her behind because she is part of the family and she isn’t happy when ‘the pack’ is separated! Suki is a high energy Jack Russell x Fox Terrier mix breed, she is a bundle of energy and fun, and doesn’t like being left out of any action on offer! This guide book looks like just what our family needs to plans our fun trips and holidays together, as we should be!

Leah Hinton-Fishlock, Leeds

I would really love to win a copy of the book pets welcome as i have a horse, Dalmatian and a ferret and they are my family. I’ve recently separated from my husband so I’m sure you can imagine that they have become even more important to me and give me comfort. I would love to take them all with me on a break as I think that we are all ready for a change of scenery.

Travis Arthur, London

My fiancé and I are from Australia but are now living in London while traveling around Europe, and have had to leave our little dog back in Australia for the past 9 months. But we can take it no longer, and are going to spend the $3500 to bring him to Europe so he can enjoy all the sites as well. So we desperately need the Pets Welcome! book to aid us in traveling effectively and optimally with man’s best friend.

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