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Wikitude – app of the week

Wikitude - app of the week

Following on from last week’s review of augmented reality app Word Lens, this week we look at another forward-thinking piece of travel kit for your smartphone.

Wikitude uses augmented reality, GPS and your phone’s camera to overlay places of interest onto your mobile’s screen, creating a virtual map in the palm of your hand.

Simply position the camera in whichever direction you feel like heading, and follow the directions on the real-life map in front of you. Users can choose to view nearby place in List view as well as on the ‘map’.

The app is packed with information based on your exact location, and aims to provide everything you need to know about where you are and nearby local points of attraction. In fact, the developers say there are 110 billion points of interest available across the world, which is sure to be enough to cater for everyone’s tastes.

Wikitude contains a multitude of useful information, including links to Wikipedia articles, locally-uploaded YouTube clips, Flickr photos and tweets, as well as a directory of local resources taken from the likes of Google and Qype. What sets it aside from other similar apps though is the use of augmented reality, which really does feel intuitive to use.

Wikitude has now announced it comes pre-loaded on new BlackBerry smartphones, including the ability to point your camera at a fellow BlackBerry user and begin an instant BlackBerry Messenger chat with them.

This innovative app is bags of fun to use, incredibly useful for travellers and is also free.

Wikitude is available free on iTunes, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry.

Watch the video below to see the app in action: