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Wikitravel is a user generated travel guide, with a mission to create the most complete, up-to date and relevant travel content in the world.

The site has good coverage allowing you to drill down from continental level, right through to country, region, city, town and village. As to be expected, there is more content for better known locations, whereas small, more obscure places may not be covered at all (yet).

Like Wikipedia, Wikitravel is a free site that anyone can add information to or edit. Unlike Wikipedia, the site is a commercial operation – which is no bad thing as the ads tend to be unobtrusive. Wikitravel also vies to make its content printer friendly, encouraging travellers to print out and take with them relevant content for use on the road.

The idea is that because anyone can edit articles on Wikitravel, the info should be kept fairly up to date and accurate, although again, like Wikipeida, it’s best to use it as a place to begin your research, rather than a definitive fountain of truth.

My one criticism of Wikitravel is its layout and appearance; it looks almost identical Wikipedia, yet the two sites are completely unrelated (other than both use MediaWiki sortware).This does seem like a slightly cheeky move by its creators to piggyback on the trustworthy image and non-profit nature of Wikipedia, even though Wikitravel is a for-profit site.

However, it is a great place to start researching a destination, and if you find some nugget of travel info that is missing – why not add it yourself?

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