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Where to see the world’s most sensational sunsets

Kick back and watch the sky turn orange, pink and purple at these perfect sunset viewpoints.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Cambodia’s ancient Khmer ruins are oppressively crowded at sunrise. So instead, swing by the complex’s quieter east side at sundown for up-close views of pyramid-shaped Phimeanakas temple silhouetted against cerise skies. Better still, why not make the world’s largest religious monument your viewing platform? Sitting amidst the ruins makes you part of the scene, not just an onlooker.

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Zebras at the Zambezi River

Zambezi River, Zambia

Hop on a sunset speedboat cruise and feel like you’re sailing on a river of molten gold. Skies burn flame red as the river ripples and rolls, creating mini rainbows as wild elephants, hippos and crocodiles wade past.

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Newport Beach at sunset

Lookout Point Park, Newport Beach, California, USA

Throw down a picnic blanket at Lookout Point Park and gawp at frothy waves, blonde sands, rickety old Balboa Pier, Catalina Island and pelicans flapping past candy-floss clouds and coral-orange skies.

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Sunset at Debod Temple in Spain

Debod Temple, Madrid, Spain

Built in Aswan, Egypt, to honour the goddess Isis in the 2nd century BC, Debod Temple consists of a series of chapels, halls and beautiful reflective pools. The complex was gifted to Spain in 1968 and now rests in perfect alignment with the sun on a hillside outside of Madrid’s city centre.

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Hong Kong Harbour at sunset with a traditional sailing junk on the water

Tamar’s Waterfront Gardens, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

The city is at its most ravishing at sunset, when the neon waterfront starts to twinkle into life. Soak up the scene from Tamar’s waterfront gardens for free or hop on Star Ferry crossing for 25p.

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The Grand Canyon at sunset

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

The first rule of Grand Canyon sunsets: pick a spot, such as Shoshone Point, that you have to walk to. Even it’s only a 15-minute stroll from the Desert View Drive, it’ll filter out the crowds. The second rule: don’t spend all your time taking photos. The yawning depth of the canyon, the mesmerising kaleidoscope of colours, the cooling of the evening air – these are things to be experienced with all your senses, not viewed through a lens.

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Sunset on an Indian beach

Chapora Fort, Goa, India

From the 16th-century Chapora Fort, stationed at the top of dusty red cliffs towering over 10 kilometres of golden beach, the sun appears like a giant cherry drop sinking into a never-ending horizon.

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Tokyo at Sunset

Tokyo, Japan

Even if Mount Fuji wasn’t there, the sight of the setting sun over one of the world’s great cities would be memorable. But the distant cone, which rises to 3,776m, is a reminder of another world beyond the 21st-century bustle, and it adds an ethereal element to the view. It’s best seen from a high-rise: the Sky Circus Observatory, at 251m, is one of the city’s best viewpoints.

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![Sunset over a beach in Broome, Australia]( Broome")

Town Beach, Broome, Australia

As the sun descends in Broome, on the coast of Western Australia, a natural lunar phenomenon occurs. Known as the ‘staircase to the moon’, the optical illusion is created as the full moon rises casting its glow on exposed step-like mudflats.

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New York at sunset

Gantry Plaza Park, Long Island, New York, USA

To take in the full, heady New York City mix – Hudson River, wrought-iron bridges, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the punchy Manhattan skyline – head to Gantry Plaza Park on Long Island to look back at Manhattan as the sun dips behind it.

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Lofoten islands at sunset

Lofoten, Norway

When is a sunset not a sunset? When it happens from late May to early July in northern Scandinavia, most magnificently in Norway’s Lofoten Islands. Known as the months of the ‘midnight sun’, the sun does not set. Instead, it gently lowers into mauve skies, casting fleck of gold over toothy mountains, rocky shores and mirrored lakes, before quickly rising again.

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View to Es Vedra Rock

Cala D’Hort, Ibiza

You’ll want an umbrella-topped cocktail and a chill-out soundtrack to watch the blazing orange sun sink over Es Vedra rock, a trifecta of limestone rock towers. Kick back and watch it from pretty Cala D’Hort beach.

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Easter Island statues at sunset

Ahu Tahai, Easter Island

The mysterious stone statues with their oversized heads, flanked by greenery and the Pacific Ocean make for an epic sunset combination on Easter Island. Ahu Tahai is the best place to watch as the sun dip behind three massive ‘ahus’ (statues).

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Sunset over the ocean in Bali

Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia

Among Bali’s many excellent sunset vistas, Uluwatu Temple’s reigns supreme, courtesy of its clifftop amphitheatre, accompanied by a traditional Kecak fire dance every day from 6-7pm.

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