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What’s in your stocking?

What's in your stocking?

Skyscanner asks 8 travel experts what they would like from Santa this Christmas.



1. Nikon D3X– Lola Akinmade-Åkerström, Geotraveler’s Niche

I would absolutely love the Nikon D3X with a couple of wide angle and fixed lenses all delivered by a Nikon rep dressed as Santa. If not, I’d gladly take the Nikon D700 as a stocking stuffer.

2. The Leopard – Fran Harris, Lady Adventurer

I’m always curled up with a great book that makes me dream about the next adventure. So, with next spring’s Lady Adventurer Sicily Special in mind, I would love a copy of The Leopard by Tomasi Di Lampedusa in my stocking. Carrying my favourite books around the world does lead to heavy suitcases and sore shoulders so, if Santa agrees that I’ve been VERY good, a voucher for a Balinese massage at London’s Ushvani Spa would make my Christmas sparkle. [or get a Kindle?! – Ed]

nook.JPG3. Nook Tablet – Anil Polat, foXnoMad

One gadget that really excites me right now is the nook Tablet. A great eReader and overall computing device for its price, I think it’s the beginning of a large 7-inch tablet market in the near future. Great for travellers who want everything in a device that’s not as expensive or fragile as an iPad.

4. iPad – Jayne Norman, 40 countries before I’m 30

I’m still pining after an iPad – I thought I could survive without one but every time I get on a flight and see someone else caressing theirs I get upset. I’ve already bought myself a gorgeous purple Marc Jacobs iPad case, now all I need is the tablet to go in it!


5. Wenger backpack – Kash Bhattacharya, Budget Traveller

I would like a nice Wenger backpack. It’s very spacious and handy for those lugging around netbooks and cameras on the road.

6. Book token – Oliver Gradwell, Travel Bloggers Unite

When I travel away, whilst I always make sure I have my camera, my mp3 player and my phone all with me, there is one item I make sure I always have with me. A good book! I find a good book can be enthralling, entertaining and enlightening. It keeps me busy for hours, a lot longer than the batteries for most gadgets.

glope.plane.JPG7. Round-the-world ticket – Darren Cronian, My Life in Leeds

While I love living in Leeds, I dream of finding a round-the-world flight ticket in my stocking, so that I can explore Asia and Australia during the cold winter months.

8. Etón Raptor – Sonya, Travelling Greener

The top of my Christmas stocking wishlist is the Etón Raptor. It’s a super-rugged, solar-powered radio that also charges mobile phones. I’m always in the mountains so I could clip it to my knapsack and go. Back at the cabin, my Etón wind-up, water resistant AM/FM/TV/Weather Emergency Radio is brilliant.