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What kind of traveller are you?

When it comes to travelling, are you a planner or a free spirit? Head up, taking it all in, or head down, finding the next place to explore on your mobile?

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The spontaneous traveller

When you arrive at a hotel, you immediately sling your bags down and head outside for a ‘bit of an explore’. You think the best way to discover a city is to walk its streets and go where your fancy takes you. And guidebooks aren’t necessary when it comes to choosing where to eat – you prefer, naturally, going by your gut. Besides, you never know what you’re likely to discover around the next corner. You like to go with the flow and experience life as it comes. Why spend time planning when you can spend time living? You’re a free spirit!

You’re most likely to be seen well off the beaten path, exploring less well-known cities like Riga in Latvia, Sofia in Bulgaria and Ljubljana in Slovenia. You’re drawn to the chaotic and vibrant markets of Marrakech in Morocco.

Is this you? Then you’re a spontaneous traveller – and as such, a spontaneous spender. So, it helps to be with a bank that’s as flexible as you are – one like Starling Bank. They won’t charge a fee for using your card or ATMs abroad. And if you ever lose your card, you can lock it from the Starling Bank app.

The tech-savvy traveller

The first thing you do when you arrive at a hotel is log on to the Wi-Fi. You have an app for everything, whether you’re dividing up the bill in a restaurant or in need of an audio guide for a foreign city. You’d never set out for the day without your all singing, all dancing camera. You arrive at the beach, laden with gadgets like sand-proof beach towels and solar-powered speakers. You love anything technological that makes your life easier. Your smartphone is your faithful travel buddy and the gateway to knowledge about the world around you. Technology is your friend!

You’re most likely to be seen browsing the electronics markets of Akihabara in Tokyo or gadget shopping in B&H in New York City. You may have even flown to Los Angeles especially for the Consumer Electronics Show.

Is this you? Then you’re a tech-savvy traveller. You probably know this already, but Starling Bank is part of the FinTech revolution that’s transforming the way we manage our money. With Starling Bank’s app, you receive instant payment notifications (in both currencies) and personalised data on your spending habits. Technology’s at the centre of what they do, but don’t worry, the robots haven’t taken over just yet. They provide 24/7 customer support – so whatever time zone you’re in, Starling’s right there with you.

It’s the future of banking!

The organised traveller

You like to unpack your bags and put your clothes away neatly as soon as you check into your hotel room. You’ve studied the guidebooks beforehand, so you have a detailed itinerary of what to see and do while you’re away – you’d hate to miss anything. You choose where to eat by carefully browsing recommendations from travel websites. You always check out of the hotel on time because you packed up the night before. You do your research and get a buzz  when everything goes according to plan. You’re a pro at planning!

You’re most likely to be seen methodically working your way around the must-see sights of places like Paris, Rome, Athens and Madrid. Your ambition is to visit every capital in Europe – and then write the guidebook on them. Or at least correct some of the glaring errors you’ve found in the guidebooks you’ve already got.

Is this you? Then you’re an organised traveller. With Starling Bank’s ‘Goals’ feature, you can plan ahead by putting  money aside in separate pots for things like hotel costs and travel money. You can even round your transactions up to the nearest pound and put the spare change into your savings.

The budget traveller

You choose where to stay and what to do based on value for money. It might mean opting for  a hostel rather than a hotel, and a packed lunch rather than a fancy meal, but the money you save can extend your trip a little further – and that’s more important. You’ve never owned a suitcase, but your backpack is falling apart from overuse. You have a strict daily holiday budget, and you’ve been known to skip major tourist attractions if they’re too expensive. You’re determined to make your money stretch as far as it possibly can. You’d stay on holiday forever if you could!

You’re most likely to be seen hitting the backpacking routes of South America, India or South-East Asia – basically anywhere that’s cheap enough to travel for months at a time. You’ve spent more time touring ex-Soviet Bloc countries in Eastern Europe than you have in France or Spain.

Is this you? Then you’re a budget traveller who can spot a good deal when they see one. With the Starling Bank app, you can keep an eye on your balance and use ‘Spending Insights’ to see what you’ve spent your money on and how much is left. If you’ve dined out with a group, worry not – just split the bill in the Starling app.

The chilled-out traveller

Holidays are meant to be relaxing, and you avoid stress at all costs. Why wait for a bus when you can just hop in a taxi? More importantly, why bother doing anything at all when can just spend all day lounging on the beach? You choose your hotel chiefly on whether it has a spa. You’ve been known to eat in the same restaurant every night just to avoid the hassle of choosing somewhere new. Holidays are for chilling out, not rushing between tourist attractions!

You’re most likely to be seen sunning yourself on the tropical beaches of the Caribbean, the Maldives or a Pacific island like Fiji or Hawaii. Closer to home, you’re more than likely to be found watching the sunset while sipping a cocktail on the Greek island of Santorini. You’ve been on more than one spa holiday.

Is this you? Then you’re a chilled-out traveller – who would appreciate a bank that recognises your pursuit for a fuss-free life. Starling Bank makes travelling easy because they won’t charge you any fees for using your card abroad. And to ensure your travel money goes further, they offer one of the most competitive exchange rates on the market.

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