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Western Australia is ‘incredible’ value for money

Western Australia is 'incredible' value for money

Travellers booking flights to Western Australia on a budget should consider a campervan as one of the best ways of exploring the region.

This is according to Tourism Western Australia, which recommends hiring an inexpensive campervan as it allows holidaymakers to create their own itineraries in addition to saving money.

Elen Thomas, the tourism board’s UK public relations manager, said the region boasts "incredible untouched places" that are not replicated anywhere else in the world.

"You can have these experiences out there which are just incredible value for money," she explained.

"Some of the best ways to do it if you are on a bit of a budget is to drive yourself, maybe even pick up a campervan – there are lots of camping facilities along the national parks."

Ms Thomas went on to say that one of the west coast’s highlights is its peacefulness. Unlike the east coast, the region doesn’t tend to attract gap year students in large numbers.

In 2009, visitors from the UK, New Zealand and the US made up approximately 40 percent of Australia’s visitors, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.