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Website of the week – Travel by Colour

Website of the week – Travel by Colour

Travel by Colour

How do you go about choosing your next trip? By the weather? The food? The nightlife? The quality of the beaches or even the snow perhaps?

If these factors sound just too dull to consider in your decision making process, how about choosing your next holiday by colour?

Explorra – a site that allows people to share travel experiences and read travel articles – has introduced a novel way of discovering new travel destinations. Logon to their ‘Travel By Colour’ page, and you’ll be presented with a palette of colours; simply select one you like, and you’ll be offered a range of destinations that are apparently linked to that colour.

For example, choose ‘Endeavour’ blue and locations suggested include tropical eco-hideaways in Panama, Molokini in Maui, and Ruka ski area in Finland. Select ‘Totem Pole’ red, and New York’s Chinatown, Stockholm’s Christmas market and Brussels’ Flower Carpet are offered.

The links between colour and location may be tenuous; it works by using clever image recognition technology that matches the colour you select to its photographs of various destinations, but it’s a fun way to get inspiration for your next trip and full credit must be given to Explorra for inventing a quirky and different way of discovering new travel ideas.

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