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Visit Valencia: 3 reasons why

Visit Valencia: 3 reasons why

With 300 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 19ºC, it is little wonder that Valencia has become an ideal location for top international sporting events including the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe, Global Champions Tour, Tennis Open 500, Moto GP and Football Champions League (to name a few!).

Valencia thrives on an eclectic mix of old and new cultures, meaning visitors to the city will always find a traditional festival or exciting international event to attend during their visit.

Some of Valencia’s most famous annual events include the MTV Winter Festival, Fallas Festivities, Campus Party, Mediterranean Opera Festival or the Tomato Fight and the FIB Music Festival next to the city.

Rich in 2000 years of history, the City of Valencia is a melting pot of cultures and stunning architecture. It is one of the few places visitors can meander amongst beautiful old streets, lush open parks and awe-inspiring buildings but then stroll to the coast where first class beaches and pretty seafront promenades await. If that wasn’t enough, foodies will be in their element with an enticing mix of fine cuisine including Michelin star restaurants and traditional Mediterranean dishes such as Paella, Orxata and ”Agua de Valencia”.

For those wanting a holiday with variety, we guarantee The City of Valencia won’t disappoint!

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1. International Sport Events

Valencia FC have played against Manchester United, Glasgow Rangers and many other teams at the European Champions League. The city also hosts a Formula 1 Grand Prix, Global Champions Tour and much more.

The MotoGP season comes to a close in Valencia. This means high doses of energy and excitement because not only are the places on the podium at stake, but also the top positions in the World Championship at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit. Moreover, the world’s best tennis players can be found in the “Ágora” – a stunning and uniquely designed space located in the City of Arts and Sciences, where the Open 500 tennis takes place every year. Will Andy Murray win the tournament for the second year in a row?

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2. Vibrant and varied nightlife

Valencia continues to be a city with a thousand personalities once night falls. Its numerous nocturnal leisure areas include all kinds of venues. Loyal to the Mediterranean timetable, Valencian nightlife comes to life at midnight; pubs stay open until 3.30 am and night clubs until daylight. As spring arrives, bars spill out onto the streets with hundreds of terraces springing up, allowing customers to enjoy the pleasant weather under the Valencian moon.

The nightlife trail begins in the Carmen district, the city’s most popular, diverse and international leisure area. Its streets are densely populated with many pubs and clubs and various bars offer live performances. In the Ruzafa District there are new places where the most alternative people in the city usually meet. The Plaza de Cánovas, for the younger crowd, is located in the centre and the Juan Carlos I Royal Marina also offers interesting bars, located by the Mediterranean Sea.

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3. Delicious Food

Valencian gastronomy is rich in nuances, scents, colours and flavours. The Mediterranean influences and the vast resources provided by the local agricultural, fishing and hunting sectors are responsible for the ingredients employed and a highly individual manner of preparing dishes.

The local rice dishes, which originated in the agricultural areas around La Albufera, have been successfully combined with vegetables, meats and fish to give rise to such popular recipes as the Valencian and Seafood paellas.

Nowadays, signature cuisine exists in perfect harmony with traditional Valencian cookery, a rich combination of nuances and ways of preparing the most delicious dishes. And let’s not overlook the desserts on offer, the most traditional of which bearing a marked Arabic influence, such as “arnadí”, “horchata”, “arrop i tallaetes” and “turrones”.

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