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Visit Valencia: 3 more reasons why

Visit Valencia: 3 more reasons why

With 300 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 19ºC, it is little wonder that Valencia has become an ideal location for top international sporting events including the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe, Global Champions Tour, Tennis Open 500, Moto GP and Football Champions League (to name a few!).

Valencia thrives on an eclectic mix of old and new cultures, meaning visitors to the city will always find a traditional festival or exciting international event to attend during their visit.

Some of Valencia’s most famous annual events include the MTV Winter Festival, Fallas Festivities, Campus Party, Mediterranean Opera Festival or the Tomato Fight and the FIB Music Festival next to the city.

Rich in 2000 years of history, the City of Valencia is a melting pot of cultures and stunning architecture. It is one of the few places visitors can meander amongst beautiful old streets, lush open parks and awe-inspiring buildings but then stroll to the coast where first class beaches and pretty seafront promenades await. If that wasn’t enough, foodies will be in their element with an enticing mix of fine cuisine including Michelin star restaurants and traditional Mediterranean dishes such as Paella, Orxata and ”Agua de Valencia”.

For those wanting a holiday with variety, we guarantee The City of Valencia won’t disappoint!

1. Family friendly

Exploring Valencia with the family is an enjoyable experience for everyone: children are able to discover African animals and sharks from the southern seas, whereas adults can enjoy the fine weather, food, relaxing walks and cultural activities.

From west to east, the city offers a wide range of leisure and educational opportunities, such as an African expedition in Valencia’s Bioparc, a trip through time by means of the interactive screens in the Valencia History Museum, a variety of amazing sea animals and fishes in the Oceanogràfic (the biggest aquarium in Europe), a bike ride through the open-air natural setting of the Turia Gardens.

Children can ride giant swans on the lake at the Cabecera Park or enjoy Gulliver Park where they can climb on a huge figure of the historical giant, too. And to really have fun in the water, there’s nothing better than a trip to the city’s beaches to enjoy a day in the sun among the waves. Renting a pedal boat, playing volleyball, sampling “tapas” in a beach bar or enjoying a rice dish are just some of the options.

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2. “Green” Valencia

A quiet area to relax and enjoy a perfect day in Valencia City is the old bed of the Turia River, which crosses the whole city and consists of more than nine kilometres of gardens and parks. The Albufera Natural Parc has the biggest lake in Spain. It is a place of great ecological interest with rare species of wading birds and a rich variety of wildlife. The perfect chance to enjoy a boat trip while drinking Valencian sparkling wine at sunset. Pine woodlands and rolling san dunes cover the strip of land that separates Albufera from the Mediterranean and is called “El Saler”.

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3. Cultural activities: more than 2000 years of history

The city of Valencia was founded in 138 BC. It was dominated by Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Almoravids and finally reconquered by Jaime I in 1238, incorporating the Aragonese Crown and founding the Kingdom of Valencia. This explains the different influences and architectural styles in the old city monuments. An eclectic mix of old and new cultures that more than 20 million visitors to the museums and monuments of Valencia can prove. Adding to that, 45 museums, 16 theaters and World Heritage Monuments such as the Silk Exchange and the “Tribunal de las Aguas” plus music halls: Palau de la Música, symbol of Valencians’ interest in music, and the majestic and dynamic Palau de les Arts.

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