News Virgin Atlantic reveals ‘perfect’ time for couples’ first holiday

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Virgin Atlantic reveals ‘perfect’ time for couples’ first holiday

Virgin Atlantic reveals 'perfect' time for couples' first holiday

The perfect time for a couple to book cheap flights for their first holiday is after six months, two weeks and one day.

This is according to a survey by Virgin Atlantic, which also revealed that 67 percent of people discover "another side" to their partner during their first trip overseas.

Some 42 percent of men realised they had chosen the wrong partner during the holiday, while a further 33 percent of travellers said their first trip as a couple either "make or broke" their relationship.

Dee Cooper, Virgin Atlantic’s director of product and service, said "lots of couples" use the airline for their first flight together.

"Of course they are excited but they may also be a little nervous jetting off to a faraway country with somebody new, so we do our best to help them relax and enjoy their trip," she commented.

In July, Virgin Atlantic celebrated the tenth anniversary of its flights to Delhi from London.