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Virgin Atlantic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

We know that travel is especially difficult right now. But alongside the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel content so that when the world opens its doors again, you'll be ready.

In 2020, Black Friday lands on Friday 27 November, while Cyber Monday follows on Monday 30 November. Normally, the airline Virgin Atlantic uses these deal-tastic days to launch great offers on flights on holidays. We’ll be using this page to keep track of Virgin Atlantic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year.

You can check back closer to the time to find information on the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays and flights. But meanwhile, read on to discover how to find out when deals go live and to get some some insider tips on finding great Virgin Atlantic travel deals. Of course, this year things are different to normal, but we’ve collected a set of handy tools to help you book safer and smarter. These include flexible flight bookings, highlighting which hotels have free cancellation policies and keeping you up to date with the latest COVID-19-related travel information with our ‘Where’s Open?’ interactive map.

Be the first to know when Virgin Atlantic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals go live

If you opt in to receive the Skyscanner newsletter, we’ll let you know when the Virgin Atlantic Black Friday deals start rolling out. Just enter your email into the box below and we’ll tell you when the deals are announced, as well as sending great travel tips, ideas and deals straight to your inbox.

How to find Virgin Atlantic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

You can tailor the Skyscanner app and website to pick out the very cheapest flights for any destination, plus flexible tickets if plans change, or hone in on Virgin Atlantic Black Friday and Cyber Monday travel deals. Here’s how.

Finding Virgin Atlantic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on the Skyscanner app

First up, grab the Skyscanner app for iOS and Android, and hit ‘Flights’ to begin searching. Add your departure airport, then choose your destination airport, or type in a country name to search all airports in that country.

Type 'Everywhere' as a destination to search for flights across the world. You might be able to take advantage of a Virgin Atlantic Black Friday deal

You can also enter your destination as ‘Everywhere’ – this will bring up a list of the cheapest places to fly to right across the world, which is very handy if you’re on a bargain hunt and don’t have a particular destination in mind.

When you enter the dates you want to travel on, the colour-coded calendar gives you an idea of how much flights will cost on any given day. You can also switch to the chart view for a more detailed breakdown of how much flights cost day by day.

After you’ve glided through all this to get a list of flights, you can refine the results to show just Virgin Atlantic flights by choosing ‘Filter’ and ‘Airlines’. Untick every airline except Virgin Atlantic, then hit ‘Apply’.

Finding Virgin Atlantic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on the Skyscanner website

Tailor your search to only show Virgin Atlantic flights.

As with the app, to find flights on the Skyscanner website, start by entering your departure and destination airports, or choose a country. Ticking ‘add nearby airports’ will widen your search by including other local airports – which is useful in case flying to or from a different hub is cheaper.

Now choose when you want to travel: either plump for a specific day or slide over to the next tab to choose a whole month and see which days are cheapest. You can also go for ‘Cheapest month’ to find the lowest-cost flights in the year.

Like the app, you can search with ‘Everywhere’ as your destination – going with ‘Everywhere’ and ‘Cheapest month’ allows you to find the least expensive flights going.

Once you’re at the results screen, you can tailor it to show just Virgin Atlantic flights by heading down to the ‘Airlines’ heading on the left. Hit ‘Clear all’, then select ‘Virgin Atlantic’ to refine the results to show only Virgin Atlantic flights.

How to discover where you can go – and get inspiration on where to travel next

If you have a hankering to get away but aren’t sure where to go, Skyscanner has loads of great travel features to give you inspiration. And we’ve also got a useful map to keep track of current travel restrictions.

Discover where you can go now

As a result of COVID-19, every country has different restrictions on travel, and you should always check government advice before you head to foreign climes. To keep track of all this information, Skyscanner has made a handy ‘Where’s Open?’ map indicating the countries around the world that you can travel to right now.

Set up alerts for your dream destinations to know when you can travel there again

Use the 'Where's Open?' map to search for travel restrictions across the globe. Then, check if open destinations are included in Virgin Atlantic Black Friday deals

Under the heading ‘Be first to know where’s opened up’ on the ‘Where’s Open?’ map, you can pick the country you want to visit and get email updates on changing travel restrictions by entering your email address. Perfect for pouncing on cheap flights as soon as the country opens up.

Get inspired on where to go next

Head on over to our travel features page for a plethora of wonderful advice on where to go on holiday, like this:

Plan safe and travel smart

Skyscanner now lets you compare airline safety ratings, so you can find out exactly what safety measures each airline is adopting. There’s also a tab on the search screen that lets you look for flexible flights which can be changed if necessary – just in case your plans change, too.

Enjoy your deal hunting!

We hope you can grab a great Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal on Virgin Atlantic flights – and don’t forget you can find brilliant deals on flights, car hire and hotels with Skyscanner all year round. 



Your burning questions about Black Friday and Cyber Monday travel deals answered.

When are Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020?

Black Friday falls on Friday 27 November in 2020, the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, while Cyber Monday is on 30 November.

Does Virgin Atlantic do Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?

Yes. There were loads of great Virgin Atlantic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2019, and we don’t expect that to change this year. We’ll be listing the 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for Virgin Atlantic flights here when they’re announced.

How many destinations does Virgin Atlantic fly to?

Virgin Atlantic flies to 26 international destinations, including New York, San Francisco and Miami.

Where can I find Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?

You can find Virgin Atlantic Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals right here, but head over this way to see more Black Friday deals across all airlines, and look for the best Cyber Monday deals here.