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UN Fun: Celebrate United Nations Day around the world

UN Fun: Celebrate United Nations Day around the world

To celebrate World UN day 2009 (October 24th), Skyscanner brings you a brief guide to visiting UN organisations around the world.

Founded in 1945, just after the Second World War, The United Nations (UN) aims to provide a platform for dialogue between countries, preventing conflict between nations and generally being the world’s peacekeepers.

Now comprising 192 representatives from nearly every sovereign state, the UN is made up of a large number of administrative bodies including The World Health Organisation, The World Food Programme and of course, everyone’s favourite, The World Intellectual Property Organisation in Geneva.

Have a good UN Day! New York, USA

Visit the UN building in New York, and you will get an overview of the history and structure of the organisation. You can also see artefacts donated by other member states, an exhibition on disarmament and get a tour of The General Assembly Hall. Find cheap flights to New York

UN Nairobi, Kenya

The UN complex in Nairobi is the Gigiri compound and rather uniquely, it covers 56 hectares (140 acres) and aside from offices, has nature trails for employees and visitors to enjoy. 600 indigenous African trees are planted in the area and it is renowned for attracting exotic bird life, making it the best UN complex for avid twitchers to visit. Find cheap flights to Nairobi

UN Geneva, Switzerland

Around 100,000 visitors a year take the one hour tour of the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Tours can be arranged in any one of fifteen languages and guests can see the Assembly Hall as well as the Council Chamber with its impressive collection of murals. Find cheap flights to Geneva

UN Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital is home to a large number of UN organisations including the International Atomic Energy Agency. Their headquarters offer guided tours to visitors where you can see exhibitions, conference rooms and discover more about the UN’s work in fields of drugs and crime, outer space and peaceful uses for nuclear energy. Tours are available in twelve languages and lectures can be arranged for groups of twenty or more. Find cheap flights to Vienna

scales.justice.JPGThe International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands

The judicial arm of the UN is based in the Netherlands and has been the setting for some famous trials – notably of war criminals. Interested members of the public can even attend hearings, both as a group or individually, and briefings on the courts can be arranged by prior request. Find cheap flights to Amsterdam

International Maritime Organization, London, England

This salty seadog centre is the custodian of all things maritime and holds documents dating back to 1959. The SeaLibrary, the IMO’s bibliographic catalogue containing thousands of books, articles and DVDs is available online, so you can plan what you want to look at in advance. Visitors are welcome, by appointment, to visit the Maritime Knowledge Centre from 10:00-17:00 on Mondays to Thursdays. Find cheap flights to London

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Paris, France

UNESCO daily visits can be arranged by request, with a film screening, and a guided tour if desired. There is also the opportunity see works of art by such luminaries as Picasso, Moore and Giocometti, as well as visiting the Noguchi garden of peace, the Nagasaki Angel and the Square of Tolerance. And if you can’t make it to Paris, you can take a virtual tour via their website. Find cheap flights to Paris

money.coins.JPGThe International Monetary Fund, Washington, USA

The IMF exists to foster global monetary cooperation and secure financial stability – so presumably those who work there are pretty busy at the moment! You can visit the IMF to discover more about its role in the global economy and see exhibits, a theatre with educational videos. Briefings can also be organised on international money matters related to the organisation. Find cheap flights to Washington DC