Romantic gestures need not cost a fortune or involve travelling very far. Visit these famous film locations from some of cinemas' soppiest blockbusters, right here in the UK, and save yourself some cash while winning a few hearts. What's there not to love?

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Whilst most of these romantic film locations are in London, or just a very short train ride away, this could be the perfect time to show your other half just how much you care and take inspiration from this whistle-stop tour of romantic spots from some of the most romantic films ever. You can take all of the credit too - our lips are sealed - although if you guys do get married because of this, then an invite to the wedding would be nice...

Buckle up, it’s about to get soppy.

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1. Shakespeare in Love: The Rose Theatre, Bankside

Fun fact: the ‘Rose Theatre’ in the film, where we see some of the most romantic and passionate scenes, was built specifically as a film set. Sorry to break that to you, but it's kinda important. If you're after the real Rose Theatre, where Shakespeare would have premiered his earliest plays, you'll find its historic remains just around the corner from The Globe. It also hosts a variety of incredible performances which are definitely worth checking out.

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2. Notting Hill: The ‘blue door’ a.k.a. William Thacker's flat

So many fantastic scenes in this epic film feature this unassuming blue door (in case you miss it, it’s the big one on the right BTW). You know the one. Spike posing in his pants in front of the press photographers after they discovered Anna Scott stayed over. Yeah that one. By the time the film came out, it had new owners who decided to paint the iconic door black because of the film’s popularity but, since then, the home changed hands again and it’s been painted its recognisable blue again once more. Phew.

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3. Four Weddings and a Funeral: Old Royal Naval College Chapel, Greenwich

Cast your minds back to 1994. Yep - that's when Four Weddings was released. That’s over two decades ago and now we're feeling a little old... The Old Royal Naval College Chapel in Greenwich is where we see wedding number two, between Bernard and Lydia, but that's not where its film appearances end. Oh, no, no, no. The Old Royal Naval College has actually featured in a plethora of other films such as Les Miserables, The Madness of King George, Tomb Raider, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Duchess and lots more.

Basically the chapel is well famous, absolutely stunning and definitely worth a visit.

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4. Bridget Jones’ Diary: Bridget’s flat, London Bridge

Head down to the fabulous Borough Market and, on your way, look out for The Globe on Bedale Street. Above this pub is where Bridget’s little flat was. This is where she famously made blue soup (heard it was delicious) and where Mr Mark Darcy told Bridget he loved her for the first time. D'aww 💙.

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5. The Holiday: the village of Shere, Surrey

Set in ‘the most photographed town in Surrey’, Shere is a beautiful and quintessentially English country village that’s less than an hour away from London by train. The iconic little cottage that belonged to Kate Winslet’s character, Iris, was created just for the film but you can visit the picturesque village where many of the scenes were shot.

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6. Pride and Prejudice: Groombridge Place, Kent

A little further away from London is one of the most important settings in Pride and Prejudice and in comes in the form of a house. Whilst many of the filming locations for this classic film were towards the North of England, such as Chatsworth House and around the Peak District area, Groombridge Place in Kent was selected to play the Bennet’s home and it’s here in this magnificent setting that we see some of the iconic trials and tribulations unfold.

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Thanks to the Premier Inn for putting together this extra romantic guide to films locations you can visit in the UK.

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