News UK’s best toilets can be found at Manchester Airport

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UK’s best toilets can be found at Manchester Airport

UK's best toilets can be found at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport officially has the best toilets in Britain after winning a prize at the 2009 Loo of the Year Awards ceremony.

Its Terminal 1 concourse and Terminal 2 passenger prep area toilets received a five-star rating during a secret visit by Loo of the Year judges, which is testament to the work of the airport’s 300 toilet attendants.

These ensure that Manchester’s 1,015 toilet bowls, 464 urinals and 1,021 sinks are the cleanest of any public venue in the UK.

Sarah Bartlett, Manchester Airport’s head of customer experience, said that the cleaning staff are among many "unsung heroes" working there.

"The airport has won some very prestigious awards this year, but we are absolutely delighted to have earned this recognition because in order to meet the expectations of our customers, we must get the basics right," she commented.

Manchester Airport’s 20 million yearly passengers get through almost 44 million metres of toilet roll each year, which if laid out, would stretch between Manchester and New York eight times.

Last month, Manchester was named UK Airport of the Year at the British Travel Awards ceremony, the second year in succession it has received the accolade.