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UK airport liquid ban could ‘be lifted’

UK airport liquid ban could 'be lifted'

The ban on liquids carried in hand luggage in place at UK airports could be lifted if trials of new security technology prove successful, it has been revealed.

Officials believe that the airports could be rid of the ban by as early as next year, allowing passengers once again to take liquids onto flights in their hand luggage.

The restrictions were initially introduced to combat the threat of terrorism on flights, after a plot to cause explosions on aircraft using drinks bottles loaded with dangerous chemicals was uncovered in 2006.

However, new scanners designed specifically to identify liquids in hand luggage could bring an end to the security measure.

A source told the Independent newspaper: "The technology is there which will allow these scanners not only to test for liquids but also to determine if those liquids are dangerous or not.

"At the moment, that technology is being tested by the security services and when they are happy that it works, the ban will be lifted."

Earlier in the week the government ruled out a change in policy, despite calls from major airlines, including Ryanair, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, for a review.

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