News Turkey Vs Greece: Brits swapping Greece for Turkey reveals Skyscanner

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Turkey Vs Greece: Brits swapping Greece for Turkey reveals Skyscanner

Turkey Vs Greece: Brits swapping Greece for Turkey reveals Skyscanner

Skyscanner has seen a 20% swing from Greece to Turkey as many British tourists ditch the Greek Islands for neighbouring Turkey this summer – further evidence of the eurozone backlash which has been reported across the travel media.


In Skyscanner’s recent analysis of summer travel trends, Istanbul, Dalaman and Bodrum were all in the top ten fastest growing destinations on Skyscanner, and it looks like this is coming at the expensive of traditional favourites such as Greece and Spain.

With similar climates, similar distances from the UK and attracting similar clientele, Turkey and Greece were always going to be natural rivals in the tourist trade. And for the British holidaymaker who just wants sun and sand, the move from Greece to Turkey is an easy one to make, especially if it’s cheaper.

But is a holiday in Turkey instead of Greece really going to save you a lot of money? If we look at the cost of everyday items, we can see that overall, Turkey is cheaper than Greece – but only just. According to research by the Post Office a cup of coffee in Greece costs £3.83, but only £1.79 in Turkey. A bottle of beer would set you back £4.79 in Greece, but only £3.13 in Turkey.

However, a 3 course evening meal for 2 (incl. bottle of house wine) in a local restaurant in Greece would cost £38.30, but in Turkey it would cost more at £40.26.

Overall, when all the test items in the Post Office’s survey were added up, Turkey was only £4.62 cheaper than Greece – a saving, but only a small one.

Barry Smith, Skyscanner director and commented:

“Skyscanner’s data shows that Turkey is getting a bigger slice of British tourists, likely at the expense of Greece and other eurozone countries. But a lot of the anti-eurozone sentiment around at present is based on perception rather than reality. If you actually examine the data, the cost of holidaying in Turkey is only marginally lower than in Greece. People have this idea in their heads that anywhere in the eurozone is expensive and anywhere outside the eurozone is cheap – but it’s just not true.”

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