News Turkey and Egypt offer ‘taste’ of Middle East

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Turkey and Egypt offer ‘taste’ of Middle East

Turkey and Egypt offer 'taste' of Middle East

Holidaymakers booking cheap flights to Turkey and Egypt are able to get a real taste for Middle Eastern culture.

This is according to Lonely Planet, which said the region has a "strong pull" for Europeans thanks to its mix of adventure, warm hospitality and fascinating history.

Tom Hall, a travel editor at the publication, said that travellers tend to "want to do more" after they have experienced Middle Eastern culture in Turkey or Egypt.

"You can get on a plane and…be somewhere that is radically different, really interesting, [has] brilliant history, wonderful people and fantastic food," he commented.

Mr Hall went on to recommend that those heading to the region do some research before travelling, particularly individuals flying to Israel, where a passport stamp could cause problems if other nearby countries are on the itinerary.

Among 2009’s Middle Eastern travel success stories was Beirut, with the Lebanese capital boasting an increase in hotel occupancy rates from 27.5 percent to 70.9 percent, figures from STR Global recently revealed.