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TripWolf – app of the week

TripWolf - app of the week

In the jungle of exciting places in the world to go to, it is good to have a travel guide to show you where to go and why. But in the jungle of travel guides, how do you decide which one is for you?


This week we tested TripWolf’s new app for Android, a guide collection covering 62 of what they call the ‘most stunning cities in the world’ with a number of interactive features and tips from travellers and renowned guides.

The app is free and easy to download and relatively simple to use. A free guide for Barcelona comes included, with lots of user tips, comments and recommendations on every section that is covered. And there are a lot of sections: introduction and essentials, things to do, culture, sights, nightlife, eating, accommodation, shopping, nature and adventure, transportation and neighbourhoods.

You can also get a free preview guide, which doesn’t cover everything, but is still fairly comprehensive. If you’re watching the purse strings, the free guide versions are likely to give you enough tips to cover a good weekend in any of the 62 covered cities!

We tried a combination of free and premium guides, for attractive cities like San Francisco, Dublin, Amsterdam and Edinburgh. They all came up with a large number of good points of interest and a lot of things to do, but there seems to be a few small, niggling errors and inaccuracies in most of the guides we tried.


This will hopefully be amended with feedback, and there are unlimited free updates so that your guide always stays up to date. The night life, eating and accommodation sections are strong, and all have good, updated details of addresses, websites and contact information which is bound to be useful as you wander through the city.

The app also has an integrated map from Google which works pretty well, and features an augmented reality function.

The design and layout of the app is fairly sleek, and it uses good imagery on all sub-sections. If you try using the guide in offline mode however, no pictures are loaded, which makes your screen very grey with a lot of empty space. This might be an issue for travellers who don’t always have free wi-fi or 3G everywhere they go, so the app might have been better off without the extensive use of photos. The rest of the guide is useable without an internet connection, but if you are online you can contribute, comment and write reviews of places and points of interest.

All in all we reckon TripWolf will help you along your way and is a worthy addition to other travel guide apps. While it isn’t 100% perfect, the best way of making it so might be to get involved and write reviews and comments yourself.