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TripIt – app of the week

TripIt - app of the week

Ok, so we’ve now got lots of fun apps for our smartphones which let us take cool 360 photos and plan out which attractions we’re going to visit by gazing adoringly at glossy recommendations.

However, one thing you always need to be when you’re travelling is organised – which is where this week’s app TripIt comes in. TripIt allows users to create itineraries from multiple travel bookings simply by forwarding on their travel confirmation emails to their TripIt account, which then saves them automatically.

All your travel plans are saved in one handy place, which saves having to trawl through emails to find that car rental receipt or hotel reservation. It’s a bit like having your own old-school personal secretary with you at all times.

Tripit is especially useful when you’re travelling with groups of people, as whole trip itineraries can be shared easily at the touch of a button – which certainly saves a lot of time emailing your friends with individual trip details. Trips can also be shared on Facebook, a useful way of getting feedback from friends about any potential travel hazards or recommendations.

Travellers can also automatically import emails for their Gmail or Google accounts, and Google Apps users can also create TripIt Groups which allow multiple users to share their travel plans on a shared calendar – handy for business travellers and companies.

TripIt Pro has a number of extra features, although at £30 per year is suited more for the frequent traveller. These include alerts on flight delays, automatic sharing with friends in your travelling group and ‘Point Tracker’ which keeps all your travel reward accounts and points in one place, making it easy to keep tabs on air miles.

All in all, TripIt is a vital addition to your smartphone and enough to help even the most disorganised traveller keep track of their bookings.

TripIt is available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad, Android and BlackBerry