News @Trip_Tease Twitter Comp Winner: February 2011

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@Trip_Tease Twitter Comp Winner: February 2011

@Trip_Tease Twitter Comp Winner: February 2011

A massive thanks to all those who tweeted @Trip_Tease this month! We had over 100 entries with some excellent Trip Teasers tweeted!

Winner of £100 goes to @RinSimpson’s Kyoto Trip_Tease:

@RinSimpson Kyoto: old meets new & east meets west in this fusion city where karaoke is classy, wine is served hot & no one ever gets bored!

Honourable Mention

We were also impressed by Eighty6er’s tweet, so we decided to give him £100 too!

@eighty6er @Trip_Tease A man asked me what’s the world’s biggest country? I said Egypt. He said "you dunno geography!", I said "you don’t know history"

Runners Up

@petetim @Trip_Tease Kyoto: Slurp ramen and wind back time in the bustling backstreets of Japan’s spiritual home, where monks, shrines & geishas roam

@jetlbomb @trip_tease Kalamazoo, MI: The coolest name in America, friendly people, birds made of flowers, great beer and one way streets.

@tonytippler @Trip_Tease Brussels: Enjoy bi-lingual Belgian waffle, be Grand in the Place, then drink in the sight of a wee boy’s statue – peeing beer!

@tweatingPoolie @Trip_Tease England:cup of tea? Mary Poppins will offer 2 make it;&then complain under her breath! Bring an umbrella& a reinforced upper lip!

@okmurrays @Trip_Tease Want to know secrets of ages? Visit the pyramids, the temples & Valley of the Kings. Egypt holds the answers, but will she tell?

@chrispopov @Trip_Tease if you are looking for ONE of a kind place and ONE of a kind experience, visit the ONE of its kind – Antarctica! See you there!

@AlessiaFletcher @Trip_Tease Route66 Lonely, fascinating roads, the fabulous sensation to be so little and alone among open spaces and breathless landscapes!

@kirstypoole @Trip_Tease Everywhere: water ski, jet ski, après ski, can’t wait till I’m off ski x

See the rest of the entries or Tweet a Skyscanner @Trip_Tease of your own to win £100 this month!

And you can also win an iPad in our travel feature writing comp!