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Tree House Hotels? Ask Skyscanner

Tree House Hotels? Ask Skyscanner

Dear Skyscanner,

I’ve always wanted to stay in a tree house. What are my options for a sleeping amongst the tree tops?

Miranda, London


Dear Miranda,

So you want to sleep like a bird and nest in a tree? Well, depending on how rustic you want to go and what your budget is, there are now many options for roosting in boughs and branches around the world.

The Treehouse is England’s first five star self-catering tree house, and with beautiful furniture, under-floor heating and a plasma TV – this has to be the most luxurious in the land.

For a tree house of a more traditional nature, try Vertical Horizons in Southern Oregon, USA. They have three log cabin style tree houses to choose from, situated in a stunning forest setting and if you feel brave enough you can try some recreational tree climbing – safety gear and instruction provided.

For a futuristic twist on the traditional tree house, try the new TreeHotel in Sweden, a collection of modern dwellings built into the trees. Choose from ‘The Mirrorcube’ an aluminium box clinging to a tree trunk with typical Swedish minimalist interior; ‘The UFO’, a flying saucer-style abode that looks like it crash landed in the forest; or the ‘Blue Cone’ (pictured) which is actually a red dwelling that looks like it’s made from Lego (but is actually made from wood with a facade of split birch.)

Enjoy your night in the branches.

Answer by Sam Baldwin – Skyscanner Travel Editor

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