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Tread the World: Blog of the Week

Tread the World: Blog of the Week

I’m a granny gapper – get me out of here! You might think those celebs have got it tough, but that’s nothing compared with 64 year-old traveller Lesley Norris – author of our Blog of the Week Tread the World – who hit the headlines with her dramatic Amazon jungle rescue.


‘Join us on our travels’ is the invitation from Lesley Norris and Bruce Scott on their blog Tread the World. We get to tag along, live our dreams of adventure from our laptops, and the comfort of our sofas. But how is Tread the World different from any other travel blog? Why is it our Blog of the Week?

Well, Lesley and Bruce are a little bit different from your average blogging backpacker. Former BA employee Lesley is 64, and her boyfriend Bruce 62. Epitomising the so-called ‘granny gapper’ – ‘older’ travellers doing the gap year thing – together they are on an ever-so-slightly epic journey around South America. Not only that, they are undertaking this adventure not by bus or by couch-surf, but in a Mercedes Unimog – a prehistoric-looking vehicle, a kind of campervan-meets-tank that looks like something out of Star Wars (especially with a backdrop of a Nicaraguan desert).

Lesley, Bruce and the Unimog hit the headlines recently when their ‘treasured vehicle’ plunged off a dodgy bridge and into a ravine many, many miles from anywhere in the Amazon. After surviving a night camped out in the jungle in fear of prowling big cats, the intrepid couple were rescued by the Brazilian marines, thanks to a call to Lesley’s brother-in-law back home from their fortunately-unscathed satellite phone. Unfazed, they are back on the road and heading for Rio.

Follow the continuing South American adventures of Lesley, Bruce and their Unimog on Tread the World

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