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While some travel guides, both online and in print, can be a little lifeless, vague, stuffy or overzealous, is quite the opposite.

Their website is based on the idea of giving the reader a true sense of what a place is like, by creating vivid scenes, and keeping the writing as specific and zoomed in as possible.

The content is made up of small pieces (with great photos), around one paragraph each, written by hundreds of different writers from all over the world who have experienced the destinations first-hand. You won’t simply find, for example, one general overview of Paris, but instead, dozens of smaller, highly detailed accounts of various Paris hangouts and hotspots.

While reading these blurbs, it almost feels as if a friend is telling you about a favorite haunt of theirs, and spilling insider secrets and tips.

Users of the site can also find out their “travel personality” based on which trips they “wishlist”, and, in addition, travel destinations can be sorted out by which ones are closest to your home. Narrow down the choices by all kinds of categories and locations, and try the trip search box when looking for something more particular.

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