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How to travel to France for Women’s World Cup ⚽️

The Women’s World Cup 2019 is in full swing, but there’s still time to bag a bargain last-minute flight to France to watch some of the game’s best players fight for the title. Even if you don’t manage to grab match tickets on time, the heady atmosphere in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Grenoble and five more host cities will more than make up for it.
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What better way to kick-start your summer than with a trip across the English Channel to see the Women’s World Cup? Top-notch athletes from 24 countries compete in the eighth edition of the tournament taking place in France from 7 June-7 July 2019. Teams to watch out for in the competition are defending champions USA, while old rivals England and Scotland – who rewarded fans with a thrilling face-off in Nice last week – are each set to play Argentina and Japan in the upcoming Group D fixtures.

From Paris and Le Havre in the north of the country to Nice and Montpellier in the south, this is a unique chance to visit France and soak up the festive atmosphere, while ticking off a few must-see city sights and experiences off your travel bucket list.

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Check out the schedule of the competition’s remaining matches right here, and you could soon be cheering for your team in one of these impressive stadia – or a football-friendly bistro with a glass of vin rouge in hand.


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Stadium: Parc des Princes


⚽ France vs South Korea, Friday 7th June at 9pm

⚽ Argentina vs Japan, Monday 10th June at 6pm

⚽ South Africa  vs China, Thursday 13th June at 9pm

⚽ USA vs Chile, 16th June at 6pm

⚽ Scotland vs Argentina, 19th June at 9pm

⚽ Match 42, 24th June at 9pm

⚽ Match 46, 28th June at 9pm


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Stadium: Stade de la Mosson


⚽ Canada vs Cameroon, 10th June at 9pm

⚽ Australia vs Brazil, 13th June at 6pm

⚽ South Africa vs Germany, 17th June at 6pm

⚽ Cameroon vs New Zealand, 20th June at 6pm

⚽ Match 43, 25th June at 6pm


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Stadium: Stade de Nice


⚽ England vs Scotland, 9th June at 6pm

⚽ France vs Norway, 12th June at 9pm

⚽ Sweden vs Thailand, 16th June at 3pm

⚽ Japan vs England, 19th June at 9pm

⚽ Match 37, 22nd June at 9pm

⚽ Match for third place, 6th July at 5pm


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Stadium: Stade du Hainaut


⚽ Australia vs Italy, 9th June at 1pm

⚽ Germany vs Spain, 12th June at 6pm

⚽ Netherlands vs Cameroon, 15th June at 2pm

⚽ Italy vs Brazil, 18th June at 9pm

⚽ Match 39, 23rd June at 5:30pm

⚽ Match 47, 29th June at 3pm


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Stadium: Stade des Alpes


⚽ Brazil vs Jamaica, 9th June at 3:30pm

⚽ Nigeria vs Korea Republic, 12th June at 3pm

⚽ Canada vs New Zealand, 15th June at 9pm

⚽ Jamaica vs Australia, 18th June at 9pm

⚽ Match 38, 22nd June at 5:30pm


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Stadium: Stade Auguste-Delaune


⚽ Norway vs Nigeria, 8th June at 9pm

⚽ USA vs Thailand, 11th June at 9pm

⚽ Jamaica vs Italy, 14th June at 6pm

⚽ Netherlands vs Canada, 20th June at 6pm

⚽ Match 41, 24th June at 6pm

Le Havre

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Stadium: Stade Oceane

⚽ Spain vs South Africa, 8th June at 6pm

⚽ New Zealand vs Netherlands, 11th June at 3pm

⚽ England vs Argentina, 14th June at 9pm

⚽ China vs Spain, 17th June at 6pm

⚽ Match 40, 23rd June at 9pm

⚽ Match 45, 27th June at 9pm


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Stadium: Roazhon Park

⚽ Germany vs China, 8th June at 3pm

⚽ Chile vs Sweden, 11th June at 6pm

⚽ Japan vs Scotland, 14th June at 3pm

⚽ Nigeria vs France, 17th June at 9pm

⚽ Match 44, 25th June at 9pm

⚽ Match 48, 29th June at 6:30pm


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Stadium: Stade de Lyon


⚽ Semi-final 1, 2nd July at 9pm

⚽ Semi-final 2, 3rd July at 9pm

⚽ Final, 7th July at 5pm

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