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From hectic tourist-saturated cities to tranquil lakeside towns

From hectic tourist-saturated cities to tranquil lakeside towns, highlights ideal destinations for young families. With family travel information on more than thirty-five countries from six continents, from Namibia, Africa to Sydney, Australia, from Athens, Greece to Hong Kong, China, there’s plenty of choice for parents looking for suitable holidays.

The website provides a small history on each town involving the key attractions within the area both world renowned and unknown. In addition to encouraging an active and educational holiday, the site suggests children’s novels that are associated with the town/area – which is great for getting them more involved in the trip.

Despite the mass of tranquil destinations and relaxing activities, cannot guarantee a stress free holiday! As any parent will know, travelling with children can be tricky.

However, help is at hand; the site provides a detailed list of the stresses encountered on holiday and how to reduce them. These tips involve how to plan your trip effectively as well as what to take and how to cope with problems that could possibly arise such as allergic reactions or tantrum throwing toddlers in a plane.

Overall is a very useful website for long-suffering parents. Simple to use, it’s thought of all aspects required to make holidays as relaxing and stress-free as possible for every member of a family. If you’re a parent about to embark on a family trip – take a long look at this site first!

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