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Travel Tip #9: Take your own food

Some airlines charge extra for meals or snacks

Some airlines charge extra for meals or snacks. And some require you to opt out to avoid the charge, rather than opt in to get charged, so check carefully when booking your ticket.


For longer flights, it is sometimes nice to have a full meal, but for shorter ones it really isn’t necessary, especially when airline food isn’t always that great. So bringing an assortment of your favorite salty and sweet snacks is a smart idea, and will ensure that you’ll have on hand whatever you may be craving while in mid-air.

Nuts, dried fruit, beef jerky, granola bars and crackers are all good options that are easy to pack and hold up well while travelling but you can take a full packed lunch through security too – just not drinks – or take away food from one of the cafes.

We’re loving EAT at Edinburgh Airport for seriously tasty and healthy food. And you’ll generally pay far less there than for the food the airlines serve.

Even if you don’t have to pay extra, it can be a good idea to bring your own, unless you’re the sort of person who really loves airline meals. Because let’s face it, half the fun is trying to work out exactly what it is you’re eating…

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