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Travel Tip #2: Get Annual Travel Insurance

Travel Tip #2: Get Annual Travel Insurance

It may not be the most interesting item on your packing list, but travel insurance is an essential one.


If you’re going to travel abroad more than once or twice a year, rather than buying separate insurance for each trip, get an annual multi-trip insurance policy.

Not only will this save you a substantial amount of money but it’s also handy if an unexpected trip comes up, as you’ll be covered for that too.

Be sure to add in any extras such as winter sports coverage, and do shop around online and compare different policies. The cheapest tend to have large excesses and lower cover limits; it may be worth paying a little more to lower the excess and raise the cover limit.

If you hire cars on holiday more than once a year, get an annual excess cover. Many car rental companies charge a hefty amount to waive any excess, (as much as £15/day) but cut your costs right back by taking out annual excess cover for as little as £50 a year.

Note – most don’t cover you for car rental less than 150 miles from your home address – so this is no good for local car hire.

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