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Travel ‘important for boomers’

Travel 'important for boomers'

Travel is playing an important part of UK baby boomer retirement plans, new research shows.

Some 81 per cent of mature adults responding to the Economic and Social Research Council survey claim to hop on flights abroad at least every two years.

More than two thirds (70 per cent) do not believe their age is a determining factor in their behaviour, claiming they feel younger than their age.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Rebecca Leach explained that the growing penchant for travel suggests baby boomers have developed mature tastes later in life.

She said: "Travel was a major consumption item for boomers and loomed large in projects for retirement.

"Boomers might have been the first teenagers, but they have now grown up. Consumer interests have matured, notably around interests linked to homes, gardens and travel."

Recent research by the Association of British Travel Agents found that 83 per cent of holidaymakers that have been abroad recently are planning another holiday within the next year.

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